Fierce Mind Events

What is the Fierce Mind events mission?

FIERCE MIND Events is about encouraging individuals and teams to take on extreme challenges for a local/national initiative that will directly benefit those needing support with their mental health. To instil a passion and inspiration in others to in turn help where they can.

This is a step up from raising awareness of a charity or condition, it is to directly increase the number of proactive initiatives that are called for across the country, when sometimes raising money for a charity is too generalised, and doesn’t necessarily translate to support for those we know need it so much.

Do you have the fierce mind?

The concept of FIERCE MIND signifies true grit and determination, a balance of mental, emotional and physical power and strength, taking decisive action, and balls of fire. It also resonates with never giving up, never allowing anyone to suppress your spirit, or to ridicule your dreams.

FIERCE MIND represents a force of character that comes deep from within, a strong desire to discover more from life after life has knocked you down, to push ones boundaries and comfort zones, to devote a strong link to existence, and to recognise the greatness that we all have within us.

“May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and my spirit brave.”

If you are creating an event that lines up with the FIERCE MIND mission, why not get in touch to share it?

Click the images below to learn about events supported by FIERCE MIND…
c5a logo poster

Challenge5Alive 2018



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