Briefly about how this all began…

I’m Yvie Johnson, the host of FIERCE MIND {strength through adventures}, a hub for the holistic journeys of trials and tribulations, sharing ideas and passions, exploring yourself and the world around you, and passing on the enlightenment baton to others.

Still in my mid-30s, a former police officer, lifelong traveller, a mother, relentless student, illustrator, self-unemployed creative business owner, multi-discipline athlete, World Record holder (tbc) and #multipotentialite (if this is a new word for you, do look it up!). Using the full spectrum of my mind and potential is inherently me, although I’m often battling the square-peg-in-a-round-hole debacle. The beginnings of Fierce Mind all kicked off on April 23rd 2015 with a belated diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. This didn’t come as a surprise to some of those around me, but it did rock my foundations and cause me to question my very existence.

Who am I, then, if I am not a product of my condition

Five months after my diagnosis my life was just about coming together again thanks to the decision to return to running, and the first Fierce Mind Events experience was the LEJOGLE 2016, a Land’s End to John O’Groats and back again solo journey to prove that a mental illness is not enough to stop you from achieving your extraordinary.

In effect, Fierce Mind was set up in order to encourage you with stories to face down your fears and your conditions, to show you what’s possible in the face of stigma, and to give you a little inspiration to set the ball rolling for your own adventures. My next Fierce Mind challenge will be the Challenge5Alive, five different multi-sport endurance challenges across Wales, highlighting the up, down and all around feeling of being a parent with a child needing mental health support. And feeling quite lost with it all.

Fierce Mindcasting is the new addition to the project, a weekly source of stories to stoke the fire in your mind. Starting from May 12th, you’ll be able to listen to people who have overcome adversity in life to bring about their work to help and guide others on their journeys—from philanthropy to psychology, education to engineering, mountain leaders to leading running groups.